How to buy PRE Tokens?
There are two main ways to buy PRE:
  1. 1.
    Direct from Presearch via
  2. 2.
    From third-parties via external markets as listed here:
In this post, we’ll talk about the options, benefits and drawbacks of each method.

Buy Direct from Presearch

If you are looking to purchase PRE to do Keyword Staking right away, or if you aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency, then you’ll probably want to buy direct from Presearch for the following reasons:
  1. 1.
    There are fewer steps involved
  2. 2.
    There are additional payment methods available, including wire transfer and credit card via Skrill (send to [email protected])
  3. 3.
    You are buying direct from the project, so the source is more trusted
Pricing of PRE tokens on the Presearch Marketplace is based on the reported CoinMarketCap price for PRE, plus an additional 10–25% to account for the ‘slippage’ that occurs with market pricing.
This mark up is charged to account for the lack of PRE currently available for sale at the reported price if one is to purchase larger quantities of tokens. If you compare the total purchase price for say 25,000 PRE or more, you’ll likely find that the price is similar, even with the mark up.
How to Purchase
To buy PRE direct from Presearch, visit and click the green ‘Buy Tokens’ button.
On the next screen, enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase, or the amount you’d like to spend by typing the quantity where the corresponding numbers are, depending on which payment method you’d like to use (Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD).
Choose your payment method with the blue button representing the currency you’d like to use.
If you’d like to pay with USD, you have two main options
  1. 1.
    Wire transfer (better for larger purchases, as the wire fees can be from $30–50 USD)
  2. 2.
    Skrill (better for small purchases, and for those looking to pay with their credit card — send to [email protected])
The next step is to enter your contact information:
Then review and confirm your purchase details:
You will then be provided with a payment address (if paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum) or instructions (if paying with USD).
If you need access to your order info, or to check on the order status, you can view your purchase history at any time via this link:

Buy Peer-to-Peer from Third Parties

If you are looking for the absolute best price for PRE, you can buy from other existing token holders via third-party exchanges.
This method is best for experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts who already own Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether and would prefer to buy and receive possession of their PRE instantly.
At this time, we recommend purchasers / sellers use as it has a good reputation, better prices and lower withdrawal fees than other exchanges.
Another alternative marketplace would be
As community members add new exchanges, they will automatically be added to the CoinMarketCap list above.
If you buy from an external exchange or peer-to-peer, or if you are holding your tokens on an external blockchain wallet and intend to use your PRE for keyword staking, you’ll need to deposit your PRE tokens back into the Presearch portal.
The link to deposit your PRE can be found by clicking this link when you are logged into Presearch:
Then click the ‘Request Deposit Address’ button to get your blockchain address.
Your blockchain deposit address starts with 0x and can be copied and pasted, or you also can scan the provided QR code to get your deposit address.
Send a test deposit of 150 PRE to that address. Once it arrives in your staking account (it will show up in the ‘Available to Stake’ pod on — you will have to refresh the page to get the balance for now), then send a larger transfer over.
After you send your PRE from the blockchain to your deposit address, they’ll show up in the ‘Available to Stake’ pod on your Keyword Staking dashboard.
If you have any questions, we suggest you go to our community Telegram channel and ask our members there for assistance.
Here’s the link to our helpful community:
(You’ll need to download an app called ‘Telegram’)
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