How to Deposit Tokens for Staking

How to deposit tokens from external wallet, exchanges & DEX's

If you're not sure where to purchase tokens, you can head to our marketplace to purchase them directly from Presearch with Bitcoin, Etherum, or US Dollars. If you would like to purchase them on an external exchange, here are a few exchanges where you can also purchase PRE tokens, but note that you'll need to pay any transaction and transfer fees to send them to your Presearch wallet so that they can be staked.

  1. ​Uniswap (Recommend purchasing ETH through Metamask, then converting through Uniswap)

    1. ​WETH/PRE​

    2. ​USDT/PRE​

  2. ​Kucoin​

    1. ​PRE/BTC​

    2. ​PRE/USDT​

  3. ​Probit​

    1. ​PRE/USDT​

    2. ​PRE/KRW​

  4. ​HitBTC​

    1. ​PRE/BTC​

    2. ​PRE/ETH​

There are different market pairs for each exchange and for different parts of the world. Make sure that you are trading with the correct market pair πŸš€πŸŒ•

Transfer your PRE into your Presearch Account

Once you purchase from there, send your funds to your account on here:

Stake Your Keywords

Click the above link & hit the stake button. Transfer your tokens in & start earning PRE.